False Color Experiments

So I recently began experimenting with more false color images. These false color images are not the typical infrared false color, which distinctly has more blue tints. These false color images come from a special type of false color camera that is only found in Indonesia -- a BataviaPro False Color. With this camera, the greens come out more yellow, but it also maintains somewhat natural skin tones.  However, the color rendering is highly dependent on the types of lens I use as well.


**Update 2 September 2013** 

I am still playing around with it some more. Most of the false color work I have seen has primarily been portraits. However, I think there is some real potential for macro false-color work as well.


Black & White Infrared -- Lomography / Holga Style

I am often inspired by photos that have a more mysterious and ethereal look and feel. This is what attracted me to infrared in the first place.

However, you can also achieve ethereal imagery by using some of the cheap plastic toy cameras such as the Holga or Diana cameras.  Both have been making a resurgence as of late with their slightly out of focus images and unpredictable light leak and blur. So I thought to myself, that it would be great to experiment with some infrared images with a Diana /Holga lens (or to create the effect in post-processing).

Infrared Cinemagraphs


Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg created a great new technique dubbed Cinemagraphs.  Essentially, these are portraits that "move". They have used them to create some fantastic fashion images, but I have also started playing around with the technique using infrared imagery as well.