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Surreal Minimalist artist

I believe in light the way a painter believes in paint ...

I don't remember the accident that night. I don't remember seeing the cliff. I don't remember the car going down the ditch.

What I remember is waking up with foggy vision. I remember the warmth of the dark. I remember the climb out of the ditch; the rose bushes scratching my hand and tugging at my shirt.  I remember the sound of the ocean off in the distance. I remember barely being able to see my hand in the pitch black night.  And I remember the long, ceaseless walk, wondering if I would ever see anyone again.

I hate talking about that night. But I cannot deny the influence that the experience has on my work. My creative work allows me to channel my experiences from that night using various photographic mediums, so I can fully let the experience go.

My mission is not to tell you how to think about such an experience or even how I think about it. Rather, it is to give you the opportunity to explore the different aspects of experience, of feeling like you are in a dream, while drawing your own conclusion and forming your own interpretations of what you are seeing.


If you are interested in prints of my work, please contact me at I offer prints that are up to 60” at the widest end printed on Ilford silver gelatin fiber paper using archival chemistry processes.

  • Open Edition Small Prints (12" on the longest side) - $150

  • Limited Edition Medium Prints (20" on the longest side; limited run of 100) - $350

  • Limited Edition Large Prints (60" on the longest side; limited run of 3) - $1750

  1. "Art Through Lens", Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY, USA, October 2018

  2. "Portraits" Art Show, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, May 2018

  3. Pancake & Booze Art Show, Oakland, CA USA, March 2018

  4. Chocolate and Art Show, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA USA, November 2017

  5. Boudoir, Burlesque and Bondage Art Show, Jingletown Art Studios, Oakland, CA USA, May 2017

  6. "Snap!" Juried Exhibition, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA USA, January 2017


  1. International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, Fine Art Nude, 2018

  2. Monoawards, Honorable Mention, Multiple Categories, 2016 x5

  3. ND Awards, Honorable Mention, 2014

  4. Monoawards, Honorable Mention, Landscapes, 2014


  1. IKON Magazine, February 2015

  2. Dark Beauty Magazine, December 2014

  3. NIF Magazine (Online Feature)

  4. Uncovered Magazine (Online Feature)

  5. Fuse Magazine (Online Feature)